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Notice For Visit Reservation Through Telephone

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  • Last updated:2019-04-26
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                           Notice for Visit Reservation at Tainan Second Prison

In order to minimize waiting time for visit registration and visit queue of inmates’ relatives we strive to achieve these goals: “A minute saved waiting is a trip saved coming” and “On-site waiting is elevated by making prior reservations”.For visitors’ convenience, the prison has available telephone reservation services.

2.Application Procedure
(1)Reservation Hours
(a)Monday through Friday (no application accepted on holidays). 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning and 14:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon.
(b)Please complete reservation one-week prior to date of visit.
(2)Applicant and Number of Visit
(a)Limited to inmate’s closest relative who has applied for general visit from the Prison and such application has been approved.
(b)Number of visits is regulated by “Statute of Progressive Execution of Penalty” (Article 56).
(3)Telephone number for Telephone Reservation
+886-2-23891101 URL for online reservation:
(4)Quota for Telephone Reservation

Every visit session is limited to 5 reservations (not accepted on holidays & Chinese New Year).
(5)Schedule for Daily Visit Sessions
Session 1 08:50
Session 2 09:20
Session 3 09:50
Session 4 10:20
Session 5 10:50
Session 6 11:15
Session 1 14:00
Session 2 14:30
Session 3 15:00
Session 4 15:30
Session 5 16:05

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